BETWEEN:           RainCity Decks & Waterproofing Ltd, hereinafter referred to as “RCD”
AND:                     Home Owner


The contractual package includes this contract document and additional documents, including, but not limited to, pictures and emails concerning Extras initiated during the course of this contract.


The contract price has been calculated on a fixed cost unless T&M is specified in the Scope of Work.  50% is due at the time of contract signature, with the remaining due at contract completion.  We accept e-transfers or cheques as forms of payment.  E-transfers can be sent to (please make the password canada).  Cheques should be made payable to RainCity Decks & Waterproofing Ltd.  Projects are slotted into the schedule once a deposit has been received.


​During a contract, RCD may encounter an unforeseen situation that requires extra work OR a change to the Scope of Work to complete the contract.  The most common type of “Extra” in Vinyl Waterproof Decking is lumber rot (requiring additional demolition, materials and man hours to fix).  When this happens:

– RCD will contact the OWNER to alert them of the “Extra”

– RCD will provide a written email detailing the change to the Scope of Work and outline next steps

– RCD will provide daily updates detailing work completed for “Extras”

Extras are billed at an hourly rate of $95 per man hour, and extra materials are charged at a rate of Cost + 20%.


RCD agrees to supply all labor, materials, and supervision to complete the work in accordance with the contract documents.  RCD agrees to undertake all work diligently in a good and workmanlike manner, in accordance with good quality residential standards and practices, and in compliance with any applicable Building Code and all other authorities having jurisdiction.  It is the Owner’s responsibility to take reasonable steps to provide a work area free of household​ obstructions and to remove or protect household items in areas where it may be reasonably anticipated by the Owner that they may be subject to dust, damage, or vibrations.


RCD shall​ correct, at its own expense, any defects in the work due to faulty workmanship pursuant to this contract for a period of 5 years from the date of full completion.  The owner shall give RCD written notice of such defects within a reasonable time and, in any event, within the warranty period.  RCD will convey to the owner any warranties (Deksmart 15 years) by manufacturer or supplier on individual materials, products, or systems supplied by RCD under this contract.  RCD does not warrant labor and/or materials supplied by the owner or the owner’s subcontractors.


Prior to commencing the work, RCD agrees to maintain and pay for insurance during the time the work is being performed including commercial general liability in the minimum amount of 5 million against claims for damages for personal injury or property damage because of anything done by RCD in connection of the performance of this contract.

If requested, RCD will provide the owner with proof of valid insurance and a WorkSafe BC clearance letter showing that RCD is current in its obligations.